Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Governance After Armed Conflict: Sierra Leone and Liberia 1st ed

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This book argues that a set of persuasive narratives about the links between natural resource, armed conflict and peacebuilding have strongly influenced the natural resource interventions pursued by international peacebuilders. The author shows how international peacebuilders active in Liberia and Sierra Leone pursued a collective strategy to transform “conflict

Comparing Strategies of (De)Politicisation in Europe: Governance, Resistance and Anti-politics 1st ed

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This book investigates the extent to which depoliticisation strategies, used to disguise the political character of decision-making, have become the established mode of governance within societies. Increasingly, commentators suggest that the dominance of depoliticisation is leading to a crisis of representative democracy or even the end of politics, but

Designing Electronic Product Enclosures 1st ed

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This book explains the design and fabrication of any electronic enclosure that contains a printed circuit board, from original design through materials selection, building and testing, and ongoing design improvement. It presents a thorough and lucid treatment of material physical properties, engineering, and compliance considerations such that readers will

Exploratory Practice for Continuing Professional Development: An Innovative Approach for Language Teachers 1st ed

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This book explores the use of Exploratory Practice (EP) as a tool for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by language teachers, and responds to the increasing demand for teachers to engage in research. It presents the results of a unique two-year longitudinal study that critically examines the implementation of EP

Damage Tolerance of Metallic Aircraft Structures: Materials and Numerical Modelling

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This book provides a state-of-the-art review of the fail-safe and damage tolerance approaches, allowing weight savings and increasing aircraft reliability and structural integrity. The application of the damage tolerance approach requires extensive know-how of the fatigue and fracture properties, corrosion strength, potential failure modes and non-destructive inspection techniques, particularly

Nonlinear Dynamics in Computational Neuroscience (PoliTO Springer Series) 1st ed

DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This book provides an essential overview of computational neuroscience. It addresses a broad range of aspects, from physiology to nonlinear dynamical approaches to understanding neural computation, and from the simulation of brain circuits to the development of engineering devices and platforms for neuromorphic computation. Written by leading experts in

Switching Equipment (CIGRE Green Books) 1st ed

Switching Equipment (CIGRE Green Books) 1st ed   DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK FREE HERE This CIGRE Green Book provides the entire know-how about switches in a high voltage system. The switching equipment includes circuit breakers, vacuum interrupters, disconnecting switches, and earthing switches used in AC & DC transmission and distribution systems. The Green book describes different