The ECT Handbook 4th Edition

The ECT Handbook 4th Edition The fourth edition of this popular Handbook provides the latest guidance on prescribing and administering electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Leading researchers and practitioners review new research on ECT and related treatments, including their efficacy in children and adolescents, and in those with bipolar disorder and neurological conditions. With a focus on

Essential Med Notes 2022 38th Edition

Essential Med Notes 2022: Clinical complement and resource for medical trainees 38th Edition This medical book The Toronto Notes for Medical Students Inc. is excited to present the 38th edition of Essential Med Notes—a trusted medical review text cherished by trainees and physicians throughout Canada and around the world. Available now, this comprehensive medical review

1000 Multiple-Choice Questions in Organic Chemistry

1000 Multiple-Choice Questions in Organic Chemistry These multiple-choice questions cover all core topics of Organic Chemistry. This book is a very helpful and highly recommended study aid for students preparing for A-level, GRE, DAT, Bachelor of Science, Engineering entrance exams, and Medical entrance exams. This book will help the student assess the breadth of student’s

Oncology Board Review, Third Edition

Oncology Board Review, Third Edition: Blueprint Study Guide and Q&A Now in its third edition of  this medical book, Oncology Board Review: Blueprint Study Guide and Q&A is designed to help you prepare for the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Medical Oncology Certification Exam. This comprehensive print + digital resource has been revised to

Neurology: A Clinical Handbook

Neurology: A Clinical Handbook “This medical book is a sparkling addition to the neurological library, a concise and clear guide to clinical practice in neurology, written in elegant prose, a tribute to Queen Square and to the contribution that both Hospital and Institute have made to neurology. It is the encapsulation of wisdom gained in

Atlas of Paediatric Surgical Imaging

Atlas of Paediatric Surgical Imaging This book is a comprehensive compendium of paediatric conditions, and covers clinical and diagnostic imaging for most diseases affecting neonates and children. Detailed descriptions of radiological signs aim to aid the diagnosis and identification of clinical symptoms. FOR MORE MEDICAL BOOKS VISIT EMEDICALBOOKS.COM The book contains a large number of

SBAs for the Final FRCA

SBAs for the Final FRCA Prepare with confidence for the Final FRCA with this dedicated guide featuring 300 original single best answer questions (SBAs) covering the whole breadth of the RCOA basic and intermediate curricula. SBAs correspond to the Royal College of Anaesthetist’s units of training, so candidates can focus their revision in each sub-specialty

Geriatric Medicine (MasterPass)

Geriatric Medicine (MasterPass) This medical book is an authoritative and well-structured text which is both topic and curriculum oriented, aimed to appeal to a wider multi-professional audience in line with the current NHS workforce training needs in the UK. It is based on the ‘specialist certificate examination’ (SCE), awarded for the completion of higher specialist

Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 7th Edition

Essentials of Nursing Informatics, 7th Edition This medical book Essentials of Nursing Informatics provides the information and insights readers need to manage and process data to improve the quality and outcomes of healthcare. Topics include the use of computers in nursing administration, practice, education, and research; computer systems and information theory; electronic medical records, continuum