Nephrology Rounds 1st Edition

By | August 11, 2019

Nephrology Rounds 1st Edition

Focusing on the areas that are particularly challenging for trainees, Dr. David Leehey presents 20 of the most perplexing and clinically relevant nephrology questions faced by medical students, residents, and nephrology fellows and attendings. His three decades of teaching experience provide real-world perspective on topics such as complex acid base disturbances, sodium concentration disorders, and the utility of urine anion and osmolal gaps. This concise title is an excellent teaching and learning tool for anyone who needs expert insight on this often-difficult subspecialty of medicine.
Provides accurate, concise answers to 20 of today’s most difficult questions in nephrology.
Pays particular attention to the principal concepts involved with each challenging nephrology question.
Includes questions that involve controversy in treatment, such as the use of bicarbonate to treat metabolic acidosis and phosphorus binders to treat hyperphosphatemia.



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