The Emergence of Complexity: Rethinking Education as a Social Science

This book centres on a broadened view of complexity that will enrich engagement with complexity in the social sciences. The key idea is to employ complexity theory to develop a holistic account of practice, agency and expertise. In doing so, the book acknowledges and builds upon the relational character of reductive accounts. It draws upon recent theoretical work on

Art and Soul: Rudolf Steiner, Interdisciplinary Art and Education

This book brings together Steiner’s philosophical, biodynamic and cultural contributions to education, where ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ are the creative elements in human evolution. His thought is applied to selected examples of innovative artistic practice and pedagogy of the present. This volume is intended for researchers in the arts and education with an interest in Rudolf

The School-Based Vocational Education and Training System in Spain: Achievements and Controversies

This book discusses the developments in policy and practice in the field of formal, non-formal and continuing vocational education and training in Spain since 1970. It describes how VET has been transformed and become one of the country’s main areas of pedagogical innovation, and also examines current developments, such as the role of non-formal vocational

Adolescents and Constitutional Law: Regulating Social Contexts of Development

This textbook offers a foundation for understanding adolescents’ rights by articulating the complexity, breadth, and challenging nature of laws regulating adolescents. It showcases the Supreme Court’s key interpretations of the Constitution as it relates to adolescents’ rights. Chapters examine relevant legal systems and the social contexts that legal systems control. In addition, chapters discuss constitutional

Game Theory: Third East Asia International Conference, EAGT 2019

This book constitutes extended, revised and selected papers from the Third East Asia Game Theory International Conference, EAGT 2019, held in Fuzhou, China, in March 2019. The 10 full papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from a total of 146 submissions. The papers in the volume are focused on non-cooperative and cooperative games and

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Through Sustainable Food Systems

This publication offers a systemic analysis of sustainability in the food system, taking as its framework the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. Targeted chapters from experts in the field cover main challenges in the food system and propose methods for achieving long term sustainability. Authors focus on how sustainability can

Biobehavioral Markers in Risk and Resilience Research

Biobehavioral Markers in Risk and Resilience Research  This comprehensive reference explores the current and future state of biobehavioral markers in family resilience research, with special focus on linking biological and physiological measures to behavioral and health outcomes. It brings together the latest biobehavioral data on child-parent and couple relationships, adversity, and other key areas reflecting

Sexually Violent Predators: A Clinical Science Handbook

Sexually Violent Predators: A Clinical Science Handbook This information-rich volume expands current knowledge about sexually violent predators and critiques SVP laws with the goal of fostering improvements in clinical practice and public policy. It offers a finely detailed evidence base on this problematic class of offenders, including the complex interactions of biophysiological and environmental factors

Boredom Is in Your Mind: A Shared Psychological-Philosophical Approach 1st ed

Boredom Is in Your Mind: A Shared Psychological-Philosophical Approach 1st ed This book offers a unique perspective on the topic of boredom, with chapters written by diverse representatives of various mental health disciplines and philosophical approaches. On one hand, studying boredom involves the mental processes of attention, memory, perception, creativity, or language use; on the other,