The A-Z Guide to Food as Medicine 1st Edition

The A-Z Guide to Food as Medicine 1st Edition Can an apple a day keep the doctor away? The A-Z Guide to Food As Medicine addresses food folklore by exploring the scientific findings about physiological effects of over 250 foods, food groups, nutrients, and phytochemicals. Today, health care providers are fielding more questions from patients on how to

English for Journalists (Media Skills) 4th Edition

English for Journalists (Media Skills) 4th Edition English for Journalists has established itself as an invaluable guide to the basics of English in newsrooms the world over, focusing on the essential aspects of writing, from reporting speech to the house styles and jargon central to the language of journalism. Written in a highly accessible and engaging style, English

Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining 2nd ed

Encyclopedia of Social Network Analysis and Mining 2nd ed Social Network Analysis and Mining Encyclopedia (ESNAM) is the first major reference work to integrate fundamental concepts and research directions in the areas of social networks and applications to data mining. The second edition of ESNAM is a truly outstanding reference appealing to researchers, practitioners, instructors and students (both

Encyclopedia of AIDS 1st ed

Encyclopedia of AIDS 1st ed For the first time, the world’s experts in HIV-AIDS have come together to publish the Encyclopedia of AIDS. The work features over 4000 A-Z entries including medical, cultural, social, and pharmacological essays. The Pathology entries cover the various types of HIV-related illnesses, including those that are and are not AIDS-defining. Many

Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules 2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Signaling Molecules 2nd Edition The second edition of this encyclopedia presents about 1000 chapters and includes thousands of biologically important signaling molecules and the content is built on the core concepts of their functions along with early findings written by some of the world’s foremost experts. The molecules are described by recognized leaders in

Innovation: A Very Short Introduction

Innovation: A Very Short Introduction Innovation, the ways ideas are made valuable, plays an essential role in economic and social development, and is an increasingly topical issue. Over the last 150 years our world has hit an accelerated rate of transformation. From airplanes to television to penicillin, and from radios to frozen food to digital

The Oxford Gothic Grammar

The Oxford Gothic Grammar This volume provides a comprehensive reference grammar of Gothic, the earliest attested language of the Germanic family (apart from runic inscriptions), dating to the fourth century. The bulk of the extant Gothic corpus is a translation of the Bible, of which only a portion remains, and which has been the focus

A Dictionary of Space Exploration

A Dictionary of Space Exploration With over 2,300 entries, this fascinating and expansive dictionary covers all aspects of space exploration, from A-Train to Zvezda. This jargon-free new edition has been fully revised and updated to take into account the new developments in space exploration on an international scale over the last thirteen years, with new